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What Does A FAHRenergy HRV Do For Me?
1: It exchanges old stale air with fresh air while recovering the energy
of the old air. It means the HRV delivers fresh air heated up by the heat
(energy) from the old stale air. This is called Heat Recovery.

2: It collects free sunenergy from the roof. No installation is needed.

3: It collects free energy from the cellar / crawl space.

4: It dehumidifies your house at no extra cost:
Dehumidifier and the energy needed to run it is saved.

5: It reduces radon at no extra cost:
    Standard radon mitigation and energy needed to run it is saved

6: It saves energy and thus money. It reduces pollution.

7: As the fresh air continously exchanges the old stale air there is no
air pressure change.
Oldstale air is not passed through the house but leaves the house
through the old air duct.

8: FAHRenergy uses the Short Duct concept:

Short Duct Concept saves money

Energy Reduction = Fresh Air And Insulation

Ever increasing energy prices and the possible consequences of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are the main drives behind the need to change our heating, cooling and ventilation systems in our homes. 

Double glazing, loft, wall and floor insulation reduces thermal loses and thus our energy need.

Experience has shown that good insulation not only retains the energy but also moisture, dust and stale air.  The airexchange becomes too poor.

Sufficient air exchange will restore the oxygen content and eliminate monoxide. This is needed to avoid serious and expensive long term health problems.


The Method

Fresh air with energy recovery is a method pursued with success in northern regions since the 1960’s. 

We can recover the energy,  reduce CO2 emissions and retain some hard earned money.

The more energy we save the less we need fossile fuel and power generation.

The FAHRenergy Economy

    2 Bedroom House
    3 Bedroom House

Health, Energy And Finance

Without concern for our health, stale air is at first cheap. 
In the long run, health of people and house will take priority. An expensive path. 

Stale, humid air promotes mould, rot and disease. The combined cost arising from this will soon outweigh any short sighted savings.

Fresh air in our homes is a necessity with respect to health and finance.

Savings on equipment: See Equipment Savings

See Health and Radon

Heat Recovery Explained

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