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For a two storey house place one HRV on the loft
and one in the cellar or crawl space or a cupboard.
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HRV installation in the bottom of a cupboard

Power installed in
the bottom of a
kitchen cupboard

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Installation Examples
Industry, staples, greenhouse and larger spaces are
better served by FAHRenergy Ultra.
Each Ultra exchanges 200m3 of old air with fresh
heat recovered air. This suffices for 160m2 of area
or 400m3 of space.
For a one storey house place one HRV at each end
of the house.
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Selecting the HRV
 A common house of 90m2 to 140m2 dwelling area
needs two FAHRenergy Power HRV's.
Short ducts are best
Rule 2: Keep ducts as short as possible.
              This is achieved by using more than one
              HRV. It reduces the installation cost and
              thus reduces the overall cost
Rule 1: EU buildings legislation demands 1.25m3
             of fresh air per hour per m2 dwelling area.
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