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Home -------:The FAHRenergy site for energy reduction, carbon monoxide removal, carbon dioxide 
                       reduction (CO2), better economy, healthy in-house climate and DIY help to improve your house.

            Shop ---------------: Buy FAHRenergy HRV units here and get a free timer. With links.

            Installation --------: General installation information.

                        Where -------------: Where FAHRenergy units are valuable. Cost and return estimations included.

            Specification ------: Full specifications for all FAHRenergy units.

                        Selection Help----: Assisting you in selecting the heat recovery unit which serves you best.

            Reconditioning --: Reconditioning of an entire unit is available here. Do not throw your old unit away.

            General -------------: General fresh air and energy/heat recovery information and links are provided here.

                          Savings----------: Real savings on equipment are explained here

            DIY ------------------: The Do It Yourself on-line manual for in depth installation of FAHRenergy 
                                               units plus suggestions to modifications of your house with emphasis on improved 
                                               in-house climate and reduction in energy consumption.

                           Examples---------: Installation examples

                                    FAHRenergy With Heat Pump: The Road To A Zero Energy House

                                    Optimal Energy Recovery From A Kitchen: Recovering energy from kitchen, cooker hood and                                                                                                     utility room.

            Health -------------: Health and value of a better house climate with valuable links.

                         Radon: House with very high radon level reduced to safe limit.

            Efficiency----------: Measurements on installed units pictured. The efficiency of a Kitchen and Lounge 
                                         installation is shown and explained.  With scientific and mathematical foundation.

            Maintenance------: Maintaining FAHRenergy units for optimal efficiency.

            Contact Us---------: Your questions (messages) are answered. PO Box for snail mail and returns.

            Secrets Revealed-: Laminar airflow breakers, low cost, low weight and high efficiency. The result of 
                                          new scientific airflow knowledge is utilised to reduce the size, weight and cost.

            Insect Prevention: FAHRenergy Fresh Air  Heat Recovery  assist you in Insect Prevention

            Heat Recovery Types: Two heat recovery types are discussed

            Sitemap -----------: The site map. You are here.