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Specification For FAHRenergy Berserk 
Heat Recovery Ventilator (Patented)

Extraction of industrial fumes such as welding gas etc

Balanced airpressure in your workshop:
Fresh air enters as the old air is extracted.
Poisonous and smelly gases are evacuated. Not dispersed.

FAHRenergy Berserk Heat Recovery Ventilator units deliver 
heat recovered fresh air for welding gas extraction and other industrial purposes. 

Light weight, very low power consumption and high static pressure 
gives unique qualities needed for optimal energy recovery and gas extraction.

Description FAHRenergy Berserk HRV 1)
Max air volume per hour 450 m3/h (265cfm)

Actual efficiency, installed and COP

To 65% and COP~12

Energy exchange method

Counter Flow

Noise level 


Duct area

123 cm2

Duct diameter, round

125 mm

Size: L * W * H 730 *  168 * 360 mm

Recovered energy per year 2)

16800kwh / 19800 kwh

Recovered energy repays the unit in 3)

~1 year



Material, certified

Fire retarding plast

Unit, fan and exchanger may be rinsed


Mouse entry prevention grid


Working air temperature range

-20° C to 45°C

Fresh Air In / Old Air Out pressure

480 / 340pascal / 48 / 34mmH2O

Expected fan life time (MTBF)

Over 5 years

Power: 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60Hz


ECM fans are equivalent to


Industry (indoor use only)


Mixing of stale and fresh air in the unit

Less than 1%

Simple installation intended for DIY


Reconditioning/repair available


Apparatus temperature range

0° C to 35°C

Aluminium case


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FAHRenergy Warranty

1: FAHRenergy Berserk HRV is intended for general industrial purposes such as welding fume extraction. 
Old style fume extraction does neither recover the energy of the old air nor replenish with fresh air. 
The 900m³ of total Berserk air exchange gives an environmentally quality of around 1.4 times better than conventional methods. Berserk expells nearly 3 times less air than the conventional method yet achieves a better air quality. This is direct energy saving.

2: Average in/out temperature difference UK / south Sweden of 15°C / 19°C for winter (100days) and 9°C / 11°C for spring/autumn (200days). If used for welding gas extraction the energy win is typically 25oookWh per year.

3: Correct installation and 29% electricity price increase per year is assumed. Average energy price increased 30% every year from 2001 to 2009.

EU Regulations

The EU regulations (Energy Declaration) states that a dwelling must at least have an air exchange of 0.3litres per second per m2 living area (equivalent to every two hours). This is necessary to improve the general health of the occupier and prevent rot and mould and reduce radon and other poisonous gasses in the house. By achieving this with an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) thousands of pounds are saved.

For Large Rooms And Industry

FAHRenergy Berserk is very powerful for its size and very efficient.

Due to the 72dBA noise created by moving two times 450m³ of air it is best suited for larger rooms
and industrial purposes. The Berserk series is intended for

By recovering the energy and providing fresh air, FAHRenergy Berserk also improves the immediate environment 
and health of people.

Welding extraction with heat recovery

FAHRenergy Berserk HRV

Pressure for Berserk HVR

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