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FAHRenergy HRV-Solar is designed for caravan and summerhouse. 


Description            FAHRenergy HRV-Solar     2)
Air volume per hour   60 m³ (2100cf)
Efficiency, installed and COP  to 80% and COP ~ 28
Energy exchange method     Counter Flow
Noise level                                            3)  36 / 30dbA   
Duct diameter / area     100mm / 83 cm2 
Recovered energy per year                    4)   1555kwh  / 1800kwh 
Recovered energy repays HRV in:         5)   Approx. 1.5 year
Size     54cm * 26cm * 16cm
Weight     2.4kg
Material, certified     Fire retarding PVC (DIN 4102-B1) and Alu membranes
Unit, fan and exchanger may be rinsed Yes
Mouse entry prevention grid Yes
Working fresh air temperature range     -20°C to 45°C
Fan pressure 3.8 mmH2O / 38 pascal
Expected fan life time     More than 4 years by continuos use
Power:12VDC (max 13.5VDC) / 110 to 230Vac 6) 6W
ECM high efficiency fans are equivalent to 30W std AC fans
Internal use only. No sunlight exposure. Yes
High efficiency exchanger (Handle carefully) Yes
Mixing of stale and fresh air in the unit     Less than 1%
Easy installation intended for DIY Yes
Installation parts are locally available in     EU, USA, AUS, NZ
Reconditioning / repair available Yes
Condensation  collection in standard position Yes
Standard attachment and detachment bracket Yes

FAHRenergy Warranty

2: FAHRenergy HRV-Solar uses standard round ducts for better airflow and low cost installation. 
It may be placed on the loft, under the floor, on the ceiling, on a wall or in a cupboard in any angle, 
even upside down.

3: 36dbA is a faint whisper and 42dbA to 45dbA is similar to the fan noise from a desktop PC.

4: Average in/out temperature difference UK / south SE of 18°C / 21°C for winter (100 days) and 
9°C / 11
°C for spring/autumn (200 days).

5: Correct installation and 29% energy price increase per year is assumed. Average energy price 
every year 30% from 2001 to 2009.

6: You will need the PWM-Solar unit to connect to a solar system or a car / caravan.
(The car charging voltage and solar panel exceeds the voltage limit of the HRV-Solar)

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Less noise: 36dBA, less power consumption: 6w
Caravan HRV & summerhouse
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Solar powered HRV, FTX

Solar energy boosted 28 times
Caravan storage energy reduced 100 times

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