Heat recovery ventilation, Scandinavan design

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FAHRenergy Power+ HRV
FAHRenergy Power is designed for domestic and light industrial use.
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Description            FAHRenergy Power HRV        2)
Max air volume per hour, 4 levels    30 to 90 m³ (1100 to 3200cf)
Efficiency, installed and COP  to 80% and COP ~ 20
Energy exchange method     Counter Flow
Noise level at 1m                          3)  45dBa, 47dBa, 57dBa
at 50m³, 65m³, 90m³
Duct area     78 cm2
Recovered energy per year            4)   2350kwh / 2700kwh
Recovered energy repays in:          5)   Approx. 1 year
Size: L * W * H     540 * 250 * 160 mm
610 * 265 *  385 mm
Weight     2.8kg / 6kg
Material, certified     Fire retarding Plast
Unit, fan and exchanger may be rinsed Yes
Mouse entry prevention grid Yes
Working fresh air temperature range     -20°C to 45°C
Fan pressure 8.0 mmH2O / 80 pascal
Standard attachment and detachment bracket Yes
Power: 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60Hz     18W
ECM high efficiency fans are equivalent to 55W/230Vac
Internal use only. No sunlight exposure. Yes
High efficiency exchanger (Handle carefully) Yes
Mixing of stale and fresh air in the unit     Less than 1%
Easy installation intended for DIY Yes
Installation parts are locally available in     EU, USA, AUS, NZ
Reconditioning / repair available Yes
Condensation  collection in standard position Yes

FAHRenergy Warranty

2: FAHRenergy Power uses standard round ducts for better airflow and low cost installation. It may be placed on the loft, under the floor, on the ceiling, on a wall or in a cupboard in any angle, even upside down.

3: 34dbA is a faint whisper and 42dbA to 45dbA is similar to the fan noise from a desktop PC.

4: Average in/out temperature difference UK / south SE of 18°C / 21°C for winter (100 days) and 9°C / 11°C for spring/autumn (200 days).

5: Correct installation and 29% energy price increase per year is assumed. Average energy price increased every year 30% from 2001 to 2009.

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